Georgetown District High School

70 Guelph St | Georgetown ON L7G 3Z5 | 905-877-6966
Sector Program Name Contact
Cabinetmaking / Carpentry Cabinetmaking / Carpentry (OYAP) Cameron Slessor
Jeff Hines
Construction / Electrical Construction Technology (SHSM) Cameron Slessor
Jeff Hines
Engineering, Manufacturing & Robotics Engineering, Manufacturing & Robotics: Welding Focus (SHSM) Paul Barnes
Environment Environment (SHSM) Dwight Norgaard
Hairstylist Hairstylist (OYAP) Pat Dileo
Hospitality and Tourism Hospitality & Entertainment (SHSM) Paul Mitchell (Hospitality)
Samantha Jones-Potts (Entertainment)
Justice, Community Safety and Emergency Services Justice, Community Safety & Emergency Services (SHSM) Vanessa Hastie
Sports Sports (SHSM) Andrew Costley
Stacey McCormack
Transportation (Motive Power) Automotive Service Technician (Concentrated) (OYAP) Rick Jarvie
Transportation (SHSM) Transportation (SHSM) Rick Jarvie