Career Planning

Individual Pathways Plan (IPP)

“The reality is that the challenges and opportunities faced by students in this century are unlike those of any previous generation, and that all students today require specific knowledge and skills in education and career life planning to support them in making sound choices throughout their lives.”



The Individual Pathways Plan is a component of the Education and Career/Life Planning Program for all Ontario students (grades K-12). All students in grades 7-12 will develop an Individual Pathway Plan (IPP) that they will review and revise at least twice each year.


Education and Career Life Planning is based on students exploring these 4 questions:


• Who am I?

• What are my opportunities?

• Who do I want to become?

• What is my plan for achieving my goals?


There is no order to the questions, they can and should be revisited many times during Individual Pathways Planning.

The ongoing development of the IPP provides students with a valuable archive of their learning and with resources that can assist them with their planning. It helps students identify their interests and strengths; explore opportunities; make meaningful decisions; and set goals for the future. As well, the students are learning valuable education and career life planning skills that they will continue to apply beyond secondary school. Parents and teachers are an important part of this student-led process.