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Cooperative Education (Co-op) allows students to earn secondary school credits while completing a work placement. The integrated Co-op course connects prior learning/credits and related work experience. The course begins with an in-school pre-placement learning plan to ready students for the out-of-school work experience. Cooperative Education teachers work in partnership with the Halton Industry Education Council (HIEC) to match students with appropriate Halton employment placements. Students are monitored and assessed by the Cooperative Education teacher and have regular performance appraisals by the placement supervisor (employer). Most Co-op work placements are designed as half-day programs.
Students can apply up to two Co-op credits towards their compulsory course requirements, with no limit on earning elective credits.


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Co-op programs are appropriate for all post-secondary destinations including: apprenticeship, college, community, university or work.Co-op students have the opportunity to:

SHSM Summer Internship Co-Op Education

Students have the opportunity to earn the two required SHSM Co-op credits during the month of July and first week in August. SHSM participants must complete a 20 hour pre-placement program and then work in a SHSM sector-specific job placement, as part of the completion requirements of the diploma.

For more information, click here to visit the Summer Internship website.