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In the CanFit Pro program, students earn 3 credits in one semester (Grade 12 Food and Nutrition Sciences HFA4M, Grade 12 PSK4U and Grade 12 PLF4C while earning 3 CanFit Pro certifications, CPR and Industry experience. Can Fit Pro courses run out of Aldershot High School in Burlington. 

Students have the opportunity to be certified in:
1: Personal Trainer Specialist 
2: Fitness Instructor Specialist
3: Healthy Weight Loss Coach through canfitpro
4: CPR and first aid
5: Yoga level 1, Pilates Level 1 & Meditation Level 1 through east to west yoga

For more information about the CanFit Pro program, click here for the Power Point Presentation PDF

For more Information about CanFit Pro, click here for the CanFit Pro Website.

To apply to the CanFit Pro program, please complete the CanFit Pro Application form and submit to the Guidance office at Aldershot School.

This program can be taken as part of a Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) program.