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Engineering, Manufacturing & Robotics

The Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) program in Manufacturing gives students an opportunity to specialize, gain qualifications, and plan a career pathway in various areas of the Manufacturing sector while still in high school. The SHSM Program has a number of required components, designed to give students a “leg-up” to pursue post-secondary opportunities in each of the identified sectors, valuing apprenticeship, college, community, university and the workplace.

Automobiles, wood products, petroleum and coal products, iron and steel mills, primary metals and fabricated metal products, electricity, plastics and rubber products, printing, biotechnology, textiles, clothing, and leather products are all aspects of the manufacturing sector. In Ontario, the manufacturing sector still accounts for the greatest number of jobs with its production of consumer and industrial goods that are essential for the province’s prosperity. Although the manufacturing sector remains a powerhouse in our economy, contributing 15 per cent of gross domestic product in 2007, the sector is undergoing fundamental change to refocus its strategy and remain competitive in a global economy. 



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Engineering, Manufacturing & Robotics**

Chris Arnold

Burlington Central High School Burlington Burlington Central Engineering, Manufacturing & Robotics SHSM Fyer 

Engineering, Manufacturing & Robotics**

Andy Sterpin

Eric Daviau

Milton District High School Milton Milton District Engineering, Manufacturing & Robotics SHSM Fyer 

Engineering, Manufacturing & Robotics** 

Dave Hammel
M.M. Robinson High School Burlington M.M. Robinson Engineering, Manufacturing & Robotics SHSM Fyer 
Manufacturing: Welding, CNC, CAD-CAM

Ned Vicic

Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School Burlington Coming Soon!

Manufacturing & Welding

Colin Post

Nelson High School

Burlington Nelson Engineering, Manufacturing & Robotics SHSM Fyer 

Engineering, Manufacturing & Robotics**: Mechatronics & Manufacturing


Chuck Woods

Andy Palmer

Oakville Trafalgar High School Oakville Oakville Trafalgar Engineering, Manufacturing & Robotics SHSM Fyer 

Engineering, Manufacturing & Robotics

Welding Focus

Paul Barnes 

Georgetown District High School Georgetown Georgetown Welding SHSM Program Brochure

** Indicates the program can also be combined with a Dual Credit program