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Construction Craft Worker

The Construction Craft Worker program combines instruction in high school and at training centres and provides a Co-operative Education placement in the construction industry. It is offered in Semester 2 and is open to students in their graduating year with a minimum of 26 credits.

Steps to Enter the Program:

  1. You must apply for this program the year before it is offered by going onto and fill out the application form for the OYAP program and send it in to your board OYAP facilitator HCDSB: Mark Ives.
  2. Once you have been accepted to the program, you will register in your home school for a 4 credit co-op program in semester 2.
  3. In the first semester of the year that you will be taking this course, you should try to organized a co-op placement for semester 2 so you can be registered with them as an OYAP apprentice. You must show this to the board OYAP facilitator because the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) requires the student be a registered apprentice before taking the Level 1 Construction Craft Worker course.
  4. The student will the do the preplacement at their home school for the first 2 weeks of the semester. All assignments must be handed in for this portion of the course. Then, the student will go to the level 1 CCW course in Stoney Creek everyday until the course is over. The student should make sure that they keep in contact with their coop teacher and send any marks in that you get in the Level 1 course to your teacher. The teacher is welcome to visit the students any time during this time. It is a really great experience!! Transportation is the responsibility of the student to and from the program.
  5. Once the CCW course is over, the student will start his/her coop placement at the placement that they were registered at as an apprentice. The student has now completed the Level 1 CCW program and is on his/her way to success.


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