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The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) is an opportunity for students who are currently enrolled full or part time in a secondary school, with at least 16 credits, and 16 years of age or older. Experience an apprenticeable trade through a high school cooperative education program.


High School Students have the opportunity to become registered apprentices and work towards becoming certified journeypersons in a skilled trade while completing their secondary school diploma.


In Halton, students have two options:

  1. OYAP Co-op – Participating in a cooperative education placement in any of the 144 Ontario apprenticeable trades.

  2. Concentrated OYAP - Students can take any of our Concentrated OYAP programs. These pre-trade programs give students the knowledge and experience necessary to start their career in one of the many skilled trades. The Concentrated OYAP programs teach the curriculum for level 1 Ministry of Labor, Training and Skills Development (MLTSD) apprenticeship courses, as well as meeting Ministry of Education Secondary School expectations.

Co-op is a critical part of each of these programs, during their co-op placement, these students can also be registered as an OYAP apprentice by contacting the HDSB OYAP representative.

How Can I Learn More About OYAP?

  • Browse the brochures for fields that interest you to learn about program components and schools offering the program.
  • Look at the individual school based program brochures to learn about how the program ar offered in HDSB schools.
  • Talk to your guidance counsellor
  • Click here to visit the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Website


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