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Pathways was introduced by our Ministry of Education as one of the four pillars of the Student Success Initiative, along with Literacy, Numeracy and Community, Culture and Caring. The primary purpose of Pathways is to develop learning opportunities and programs and to re-culture our education system to value all learners, all choices, and all destinations.

The goal of Pathways K-12 is to provide learners with a variety of engaging learning opportunities (including Pathways Programs, contextualized learning experiences that incorporate real world situations, curriculum integration, and cross-curricular literacy and numeracy) and to facilitate the development of learners who know themselves (including the ability to identify strengths, accomplishments, and competencies) and are able to create a Pathways Plan to work towards their goals and future education and career opportunities.

Post-Secondary Opportunities

There are five Pathways that students may choose to Pursue after secondary school and they are all valued equally. Click on Post-Secondary for more information about each of these Pathways.

Pathways Planning

Through Pathways we encourage students to take advantage of the opportunities provided in elementary and secondary school to know themselves, identify strengths, set educational and career goals and create a Pathways Plan to achieve them. Click on Planning for more information.

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